Local landscapes

North east Victoria is diverse with a range of features, challenges and opportunities. To understand these on a local scale, information on eight local landscapes is provided.

A full map of the local landscapes can be found in the Region Map tab. These boundaries have been informed by a range of information and data including, socio-economic, geology, bio-regions, geomorphology, topography, land use, hydrology and community characteristics.

Within each landscape the relevant outcomes and priority directions detailed in the thematic sections are identified. Each of the local landscape sections provides information on:

  • Local vision
  • Features
  • What is important
  • What is changing

1. Alpine and Forested Parks

Vision: Communities caring for and connecting with healthy forests, alps and waterways

2. Upper Murray

Vision: Connected and climate resilient communities working together to support productive agriculture, recreation, cultural and natural values

3. Southern Mountain Valley

Vision: Locally supported and connected communities stewarding the environment alongside sustainable agriculture and recreation

4. Urban and Peri-urban

Vision: Liveable water sensitive and climate ready communities supporting natural healthy and connected landscapes

5. Central Mountain Valley

Vision: Sustainable land management and recreation thriving alongside healthy forested mountains and waterways

6. Rural living, tourism and production

Vision: Active local and visiting communities supporting sensitive recreation and development that maintains cultural and natural values

7. Riverina Lower Ovens

Vision: Thriving communities, biodiversity and agriculture supported by healthy and sustainable waterways, wetlands and groundwater systems

8. Foothills – mid-King and Ovens

VIsion: Healthy river systems and connected native vegetation thriving alongside productive agriculture and recreation