Landscape 4 - Urban and Peri Urban


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Shown on the map as two distinct areas, this landscape is home to the regional centres of Wodonga and Wangaratta.

The Victorian Government identifies Wodonga and Wangaratta as places of significant growth and development. These highly modified landscapes still host a range of iconic natural features including the Ovens, King and Kiewa Rivers and forested parks.

This landscape is significant for Traditional Owners/First Nations Peoples for traditional and contemporary reasons. Many cultural heritage sites have been lost due to development, but storylines remain, and Wodonga is home to a strong and thriving Aboriginal population.

Notable features of the Wangaratta portion of this landscape are the carpet python, Warby Range swamp gum and presence of springs and waterfalls. The Ovens River that runs through Wangaratta is the only unregulated tributary of the Murray River.

Figure 1. Landscape 4 – Urban and Peri Urban map and location.