Landscape 6 - Rural Living, Tourism and Production


Active local and visiting communities supporting sensitive recreation and development that maintains cultural and natural values


This landscape hosts both forested hills and fertile valleys that support a variety of agriculture including grazing, beef, horticulture, hops and soft wood plantations. In comparison with other areas in north east Victoria, farm holdings are smaller and land values are rising.

Regional towns include Bright, Myrtleford, Beechworth and Yackandandah with many other smaller towns across the landscape. Many of these towns are tourism hotspots for recreational fishing, biking, swimming, bushwalking and general tourism.

There is modest population growth and an ageing population. The population structure around Myrtleford reflects the region’s tobacco growing past with relatively high cultural diversity, compared with other landscapes in north east Victoria.

Figure 1. Landscape 6 – Rural Living, Tourism and Production map and location.