Monitoring and reporting

The North East CMA is responsible for monitoring and reporting on the RCS. Under section 19B of the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994, the North East CMA is also required to annually report on the condition and management of land and water resources in the region.

Monitoring and reporting helps us to track progress against the outcomes and priority directions for land, water, biodiversity and community. This promotes continuous improvement through the collection, analysis and evaluation of data and information on natural resources in the north east region.

In 2021, all CMAs developed and adopted an outcomes framework. This framework provides guidance on overarching outcomes that all CMAs seek to achieve in integrated catchment management. Measuring these outcomes also provides a picture of catchment condition.

During the North East RCS engagement for renewal, the community and partners identified more specific regional outcomes they seek to achieve.

When combined this set of measurable State and Regional Outcomes forms the North East RCS outcomes and monitoring framework.

The sections below provide more detailed information on the North East RCS framework for monitoring and reporting.