Landscape 8 - Foothills - mid Ovens and King


Healthy river systems and connected native vegetation thriving alongside productive agriculture and recreation


This area is similar to the Central Mountain Valley, with a combination of both mountain landscapes – usually public land – and cleared valley floors, used mainly for agriculture.

Agriculture in the fertile valleys is mainly dairy viticulture, along with grazing and mixed farming on the plains closer to Wangaratta. Softwood plantations also occur within this landscape.

Regional towns include Whitfield and Oxley with several other small towns, villages and localities scattered across the area.

Recreational hunting is common in this area due to increasing deer numbers.

This landscape is significant to several Traditional Owners/First Nations Peoples. The confluence of the Ovens and King is on the boundary of two Registered Aboriginal Parties and there is anecdotal evidence that Black Dog Creek was an important trading route.

Figure 1. Landscape 8 – Foothills – mid Ovens and King map and location.