'We belong to the land'

For many thousands of years, the Country was managed and cared for by local Traditional Owners/First Nations Peoples. In 1824, the Hume and Hovell expedition crossed the Ovens River at Whorouly, leading to the regional devastation of one of the oldest cultures in the world and marking the start of significant changes in the condition of Country.

Traditional Owners/First Nations Peoples have always understood the responsibility that comes with looking after the Country of their ancestors and future generations. Traditional Owners’/First Nations Peoples’ right to self-determination and inherent obligations to continually speak for and look after the Country is an ongoing obligation.

Below are some messages and photos from Traditional Owners/First Nations groups across north east Victoria. We recognise that many Traditional Owner/First Nation individuals, families and clans connect with north east Victoria and that this page does not represent them all. We acknowledge the connection of all Traditional Owner/First Nations Peoples who connect with and care for Country in north east Victoria.