Strategy development

The renewal of the North East RCS has been led by the North East CMA, in partnership with Traditional Owners/First Nations Peoples, regional NRM agencies and Landcare.

We have used resilience thinking, where the interactions between people and the environment are considered, to guide the RCS renewal.

For this strategy, resilience is defined as the ability of the people and environment in north east Victoria to cope with change, while continuing to function in a desired way.  Resilience thinking helps to understand and manage dynamic systems such as regions or catchments. The resilience principles and design criteria that guided the strategy renewal can be found in the addendum.

The exploration and questions described in the image below have guided the research and engagement associated with the RCS renewal. This development process has enabled key priorities for NRM to be identified for the region, in the form of outcomes and priority directions. Further detail on the participation approaches used can be found in the section below.