A diverse and connected community caring for and stewarding North East Victoria’s landscapes


North east Victoria hosts a diversity of people, industries and landscapes, all of which contribute to what we know and love about the region.

There is a rich history of Traditional Owners/First Nations Peoples managing and caring for Country which continues today.

There is a strong community commitment to improving the condition of natural resources across the region as evidenced by the active volunteering community and the uptake of partnership projects between government and community.


  • Resident population 108,000 and growing.[25]
  • 4.2 million daytrip and overnight visitors in 2019.[26]
  • North east Victoria contributes approximately $5.55 billion in gross regional product which is around 6.2% of regional Victoria’s total.[27]
  • 82% population urban residents.[28]
  • 2% population full-time farmers.[29]
  • Active volunteering community, including 54 registered Landcare groups, community NRM groups or networks.
  • Two major regional centres – Wodonga and Wangaratta.
  • Many smaller regional towns and villages scattered across the landscape.
  • Health is the main employment industry. Hospitality, retail, education, public services and manufacturing are also important.
An acrylic painting with ochre, by Treahna Hamm (Yorta Yorta) depicting indigenous woman conducting cool burning along the waterways
‘Dhungala Cool Burn’. An acrylic painting with ochre. Copyright Dr. Treahna Hamm (Yorta Yorta) 2018. All rights reserved. Photo credit: Janet Boschen