Strategy implementation

The focus on the RCS does not stop once the strategy is updated, with implementation planned for between 2021-27.

An implementation plan will be developed following the approval of the RCS, using the same participation principles that guided the strategy development.

The implementation plan will:

  • Plan how outcomes and priority directions will be achieved
  • Identify and establish partnerships for collaborative delivery
  • Develop a timeline for implementation
  • Establish a detailed monitoring and evaluation framework.

The image below describes some of the other mechanisms that will be used for RCS delivery.

Mechanisms used to deliver RCS actions include investment from private sector as well as agencies. Other sectors that may take on the RCS are traditional owners, landcare and NRM groups. Finally taregeting funding bids from Australian and Victorian government
Figure 1. Mechanisms for RCS implementation.

The North East CMA will lead the development of the implementation plan and coordinate monitoring and evaluation. Many other partners are involved in RCS implementation as shown in the link below.